The Ultimate iPad Killer

So, a few years ago, I saved up what money I had and went down to my local Apple Store. And when I say local, what I really mean is I used to live close to one — but that’s not important. I had my heart set on buying myself a new iPad, more specifically an iPad Mini 2.

Previously, I had an iPad 2 (note the lack of the word “mini”) and it was amazing. I received it as a Christmas present the year it came out, and for a long while it served me well. Before that first iPad, I knew next to nothing about Apple or its technologies, and I certainly didn’t know my potential to become so involved in any technological field.

Heck, I even jailbroke that iPad, which was undoubtedly one of the worst decisions I ever made. I regretted it immediately, and that regret led me to learn about the world of breaking things (and fixing them, albeit the former more than the latter).

My point is that I loved that device. And as time went by, that love become frustration — that is, it was too old and too slow. So I decided it was high time for an upgrade, hence my story about going to the store and buying a new iPad. I never really tried anything stupid or experimental with my new iPad, but I certainly had my share of fun times with this shiny new slab of metal and glass.

Well, that was until the story repeated itself. The iPad Mini, after having served just as much time as my original iPad, was too old and too slow. Unlike when I was little, I had plenty of other, newer devices to occupy my time, so the Mini got to the point where I let it die constantly and only turned it on for the occasional iPad-only game. So, after much thought and little guidance, I decided to replace it once again.

Since Apple released a new version of their 9.7-inch iPad only a couple or a few weeks ago, I decided I would treat myself to said new version. Granted, I was supposed to be saving that money for a big trip this summer, I shelled out nearly $600 for this new device (which this post happens to be written from). And once again, I made a great decision.

This time around, I expect things to be a bit different. Unlike the last time I upgraded, the processors are the newest of the new and everything is factory-fresh. I expect this iPad to last me a long time, meaning I won’t be venturing to buy a new one anytime soon. Plus, I was never really content with the size of the iPad Mini, so having another device of this size is refreshing.

But why did I write all this out? It’s simple — I once had a teacher who told me that his new Android tablet was far better than his iPad. You can find that devastating tweet below (and hopefully read it without me getting in some form of trouble).

The part of me that’s a die-hard Apple fanboy immediately broke down crying, but the somewhat sane part of me realized that he was right. For him, his new tablet was just what he needed. For me, my series of replacement iPads have been just what I needed.

This whole thing has given me the chance to sit back and think about the way I’ve looked down on people that choose Android over iOS, Google over Apple, or even Microsoft over Apple. I’ve realized that these debates are nothing short of stupid and silly, which is why I’ve decided to put my aggression to rest and just allow people to have a different opinion — at least about this sort of thing.

So yeah, once again, I’m not sponsored by anyone.

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