I Dropped A Single

There’s not much else to it. I produced, recorded, and released my first single today. And it’s not that bad, if I do say so myself.

However, this wouldn’t be much of a post if that was everything I had to say about it. I’ve realized that blogs are so out of fashion that, at this point, mine is more of a glorified journal than it is anything else. But alas, I’m here and I’m writing something long about my song’s philosophy.

Speaking of, I want to talk about my song’s philosophy. Or, at the very least, explain why I released a song that, in hindsight, is considerably low-quality when compared to the music you here from independent artists these days.

Let’s start with the basics — the lyrics. Before I go any further, I’d like to just emphasize that I wrote this song on my own. That isn’t to say I wasn’t inspired by other artists or their songs, because I was, but I feel like I should take an immense amount of credit for this particular work. It’s my first (kind of), and it means a lot to me.

Anyway, back to the lyrics. I can’t go into too much detail, as doing so would advertise a fairly well-kept secret of mine, but the gist of this song is that it’s a love song. The chorus is, quite literally, “I hate myself for loving you.” And that’s where the name comes from, obviously. I was inspired to write about something personal for a song that is relatively personal, so one night, while I was sitting in bed with nothing else to do, I just started writing. Which, as with most people, is something I don’t find easy per se.

By the end of the next night, I had a full song. And by the next day, I was ready to produce the beat, and so I did. The beat isn’t much in itself. I just opened FL Studio, created some simple loops, and layered them at 65 BPM. And boom, I had my song.

Quick side note, this wasn’t the song I had originally intended to produce and release as my first — I set a deadline for the end of October, and by early October I had written and produced another song (a rap). I still have it, but it felt right to save it for later and roll with what I was doing in the moment.

When it came time to record the song, I quickly realized that my microphone (a Blue Yeti) couldn’t exactly handle the type of audio I was looking to record. Sure, it’s a good mic, but it’s not exactly meant for eliminating background noise or recording quality vocals. But I saw this as a chance — a chance to start a legacy.

I want my music to start from the worst possible, and grow and grow until I’m signed by a record label. And when that’s happened, I’ll go back and remaster every song I’ve released up until that point. Since I can only make the best of what equipment and software I have, this makes perfect sense.

So, there you go. There’s more to it, but the rest only makes sense in the context of private conversations amongst my friends and peers. Maybe one day I’ll have a Genius interview or something, and I’ll be able to explain it all.

In the mean time, you can listen to my first single, “Hate Myself”, on any major music distribution service as they begin to index my song. Or, you can check it out here (Soundcloud) or here (YouTube).

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