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So, a few years ago, I discovered the amazing free hosting from 000webhost, and no this isn’t technically sponsored.

But then, after figuring out that I knew nothing about web design or how to make  a website, I drifted away for a while. Luckily I missed a massive data breach, which you can read more about here.

But, a few months ago, I bought the domain sulliops.co. Since Namecheap‘s hosting is way too expensive, I decided to find my way back to 000webhost and setup my site there. Once I got there, I found that everything had changed – a new look, new limits, and a fresh new feel. This was the beginning of my website – but something was missing. I didn’t have SSL. So, I decided to start shelling out my money for paid web hosting from Hosting24.

That was a great decision – I now have all the storage space I could possibly want, cPanel, Let’s Encrypt SSL, and more. Once again, this isn’t sponsored.

But soon after upgrading, I discovered the 000webhost community forum, and since I knew so much about the systems, I started answering questions. Then I was promoted to a moderator by the forum manager – which was awesome. And that’s where I am today, answering any question that I know how to. If I cannot answer a question, I have a few other guys I can ask. We recently added two new members to the moderation team, so it was my job to “train” them.

At the end of the day, while I don’t personally use their services, I still refer back to 000webhost as being welcoming and insightful. Without them, I would still know nothing about how websites and the internet work, so that’s pretty cool. I’m even making super cool video tutorials for them now, and you can check those out here.

Like I said, not sponsored, I wish, but no.

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